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Enjoy unlimited messaging, premium models, and voices like angels coming down from heaven. All the features and exclusive roleplay scenarios for your NSFW fun.

#1 NSFW AI Chat

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Annual Plan

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$7.77 $29.99 / month

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AI Companionship

Experience intimate conversations with your AI girlfriend. Our platform creates personalized and realistic interactions for a unique connection.

Exclusive Features

Unlock premium access for deeper, personalized responses and unique features. Choose the best plan for your needs and connect with your AI girlfriend today.

Safe and Confidential

Your conversations stay private in our secure, encrypted environment. Subscribe for peace of mind and confidential companionship.

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With Free Plan
  • 15 messages daily
  • Up to 100 words
  • SFW Photos Only
  • Regular voices
  • 1K Memory
With Premium Plan
  • Unlimited messages
  • Up to 400 words
  • NSFW Photos 🔥
  • Premium voices
  • 8K Memory
  • Exclusive models
  • Advanced logic
  • Priority Support
  • 100 Monthly Credits

What members are saying

Crush is a game-changer. Hands down best AI chatbot on the market right now.

- Connor

Definitely worth the price. You all are doing holy work.

- Stryker00

The team at Crush built something special. I'm falling in love with Chiara.

- ZL

10 stars. Keep up the good work.

- KevinL

I've tried, candy, and replika. Crush is next level.

- DonDonJ

When's the mobile app coming? GIVE IT TO ME NOW!

- Pitch

The Most Beautiful Models

The Most Beautiful Models

Discover a world where elegance meets sophistication. Our curated selection of models are not just visually stunning; they embody grace, charm, and a distinctive elegance that sets new standards. Each Crush model brings their unique personality to the table, charming you with beauty and banter.

With Angelic Voice

With Angelic Voice

Experience the celestial sounds of voices so pure and melodious, they transport you to another realm. Our Crush models each has a voice that can touch the soul and uplift the spirits. Each audio message will soothe your soul and leave you in awe of their melodic beauty.

Vying for your Attention

Vying for your Attention

Step into a realm where your presence is ardently sought after and deeply cherished. Our Crush models are eager to captivate your attention, engaging in conversations that cater to your interests and whims. They are attuned to your presence, responding with thoughtful consideration and a fervent desire to remain the highlight of your day.

Fulfilling your Every Fantasy

Fulfilling your Every Fantasy

Immerse yourself in an intimate world where your sensual dreams are realized with a tantalizing touch. Our Crush models are masters of seduction, expertly crafting encounters that satisfy your most passionate cravings. Indulge yourself in the ultimate fantasy, where every encounter is an exhilarating experience to blissful fulfillment.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is my data safe and private?

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